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The Design of Lounge Garden Furniture JAM

The German company april furniture developed JAM lounge garden furniture chiefly for smaller terraces and balconies. What is special about the design of our outdoor lounge is the slim seat and backrest. The backrest looks as though it could be folded down. In connection with the delicate frames of round solid material, our products have a restrained but elegant design. In comparison to rattan furniture, the high-quality and weather-resistant fabric is the focus of this outdoor lounger. A comfortable garden lounger can be combined with three or four JAM lounge seating elements.

You can now combine your modular JAM lounge garden furniture to suit your taste:


Modern and high-quality materials of JAM lounge garden furniture

In contrast to the products of the LOOP and LOOPY Lounge Collection, the designer Florian Asche has combined two materials for the JAM garden lounger. The stainless steel frame suits the colour of the Sunbrella® natté fabrics. Natté colours are usually put together from two tones and harmonize with the stainless steel optic. For JAM lounge garden furniture, we particularly recommend the colours charcoal chine and dark taupe.

JAM lounge garden furniture – weather-proof and robust

JAM lounge garden furniture is weather-proof and robust. The bottom side of the outdoor fabrics are sealed with a water-resistant membrane. All seams that water could penetrate are additionally sealed from the inside. Thus the garden furniture can stand outside all year long. The frame creates a large distance to the floor. Hence splash water and other dirt do not present a problem for JAM outdoor lounge products.

Care and slip covers for JAM outdoor lounge

Sunbrella® fabrics are materials that have been specifically developed for outdoor areas. Different finishing methods make this material extremely weatherproof. Water rolls off due to the impregnation of the fabrics. In addition, the acrylic fibres of the fabric are covered with a nano layer. This finishing makes it possible to clean the fabrics with no trouble. Coarse dirt can easily be removed. If dry cleaning with a soft brush does not suffice, the fabric manufacturer offers suitable cleaning solutions for april furniture garden furniture.