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Flexible Sunshade SHANGRILA

The SHANGRILA sunshade, by designer Florian Asche, is a modern product which makes it possible to stay outside for long periods. It is more flexible than traditional parasols and sunshades. As the SHANGRILA’s fabric panels are movable, you’ll always be in the shade, even in intense sunlight. The screens can be moved from the ceiling to the wall in a few simple steps. Two fabric panels can be adjusted in accordance with the course of the sun. A simple solution: sunshine will never be a problem again. The sun roof has a frame of polished stainless steel in a rectangular 4 x 2 centimetre pipe profile with a wall thickness of 2 millimetres. SHANGRILA weighs 85 kilogrammes and two people can set it up or dismantle it in just half an hour.

Designer: Florian Asche

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SHANGRILA sunshade as sun protection

Our sunshade is characterised by its consummate flexibility: whether morning, mid-day or evening sunshine, the sun roof provides shade in every position. In the wall position, the morning or evening sun no longer blinds you. On the other hand, a closed sun roof protects you even from glaring mid-day sunshine. For a sunbath the cloth is simply rolled up. Even then the sunshade looks like a designer item.

SHANGRILA sunshade as a privacy screen

The sunshade enables you to protect your privacy with an aesthetically pleasing design. SHANGRILA blocks the view of unwanted onlookers, whether you are sunbathing or enjoying a cosy gathering. In the wall position the privacy screen is perfect.

SHANGRILA sunshade as a wind screen

Depending on the direction of the wind, the sunshade can also function as a wind shield. If the wind is strong the fabrics should be rolled up. Sunbrella® brand fabrics and stainless steel are suitable for year-round use. During the winter months, the fabrics can be taken down or stored in the frame. However, the frame can also be dismantled by two people for transport.