Garden Sofa LOOPY

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Modern garden sofa LOOPY

The LOOPY garden sofa was developed as a little brother of LOOP lounge garden furniture by designer Florian Asche. The smaller dimensions allow the LOOPY seating element, LOOPY corner element and LOOPY garden stool to be used on balconies and smaller terraces. LOOPY is manufactured as a single component. In contrast to the LOOP lounge sofa, the backrest is not at a right angle to the seating section. The slight slant gives the modern design of the garden sofa that certain flair. Modules by the april furniture company can be combined in any manner.

You can now combine your modular LOOPY lounge garden sofa to suit your taste:


Combinations of LOOPY outdoor products

The aim of our LOOPY outdoor lounge design is to offer solutions for as many terraces and balconies as possible. The modular character of the products makes it possible to freely combine the outdoor seating element with the corner element or stool. The garden furniture can easily be re-arranged in the evening sun. If visitors are coming or you are having a garden party, the modules can also easily be moved back and forth in large gardens.

LOOPY garden sofa’s material is weather-resistant and dirt-repellent

The LOOPY garden sofa Collection for garden, balcony and terrace is weather-resistant and dirt-repellent. The fibres of the Sunbrella® company acrylic fabrics have a nano coating. Thus tough dirt cannot adhere easily to it and it is simple to clean. Even stubborn bird droppings can be cleaned by easy means. Here, it is important not to wait too long prior to cleaning. Water also pearls off the fabrics. Water cannot penetrate due to the water-resistant layer beneath the fabrics. The garden furniture thus dries quickly and can be used again shortly after a rain shower.

LOOPY garden sofa colour design and haptics

Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics are used for garden furniture as well as everywhere on the high seas. The quality of the fabrics convinced us from the start, and is perfect for our sofas. There is no tactile difference to traditional indoor fabrics. The weather resistance of the material is unique. Due to the comprehensive colour palette, we can achieve multiple colour combinations for our lounge furniture in combination with BOB outdoor cushions. A further advantage of this high quality: in many cases, rattan furniture has cushions and pads that have to be stored in bad weather. By comparison, Sunbrella® fabrics are water-resistant and lightfast. If the weather gets bad our LOOPY garden sofa can simply stay outside where it is.