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Modular Lounge Garden Furniture LOOP

LOOP lounge garden furniture unites all characteristics for relaxing outdoors. The individual products: LOOP lounge seating element, LOOP lounge corner element or LOOP lounge stool can be freely combined. The weather-proof materials are designed for outdoor use. The fabrics have a cotton-like feel which gives them a comfort similar to indoor sofas. This modern outdoor furniture is replacing a generation of teak furniture and rattan sofas. Ideally in winter the lounge furniture is protected by slip covers from the manufacturer april furniture. There are special products to clean them from the fabric manufacturer Sunbrella®. Depending on how dirty it gets, the garden furniture should be cleaned once or twice a year. With appropriate care our material is very durable.

You can now combine your modular LOOP lounge garden furniture to suit your taste:


Minimalist design of LOOP lounge garden furniture

LOOP garden furniture’s modern design is reduced to the essential. Seats and backs of LOOP lounge seating elements are created from a single component. Optically, this creates a sleek linear design which could not be simpler. The dimensions of LOOP seating elements make them suitable for multiple uses. Two seating elements serve as a comfortable garden sunbed or daybed for an afternoon nap. Several people can find space on a few elements. You will enjoy our timeless products for a long time.

Technical features of LOOP garden furniture

The april furniture company utilises upholstery fabric that is traditionally used on the high seas. With a special finishing procedure (nanotechnology), the fabric fibres are covered with a protective coating. This technique makes the fabric of our outdoor furniture dirt-repellent. Lounge garden furniture is upholstered with high-quality foam. LOOP lounge furniture is built from a single component and is thus less susceptible to dirt penetration. Hence our lounge furniture is dirt resistant, as well as durably easy to clean, breathable and skin-friendly.
By contrast, it is always possible for water and dirt to penetrate openings in the supporting cushions of other products.

Drying time of LOOP lounge garden furniture

A decisive advantage of april furniture’s construction is the lounge furniture’s short drying time. The water-resistant fabric does not allow any water to penetrate to the interior of the furniture. There is no other surface that dries more quickly after a rain shower than the fabric of LOOP terrace furniture. Even if there is little sunshine, one can quickly take a seat on the garden furniture again.

LOOP lounge garden furniture colours

Sunbrella® fabric colours were specially developed for outdoor products. Garden furniture material is placed under considerable stress. The surface is naturally soiled automatically by the surrounding plant world. We have chosen colours for our fabrics with low sensitivity. Beige and grey tones are suitable for outdoor sofas. In order to nevertheless create versatile colourful designs for LOOP Lounge Garden Furniture, our BOB cushions are available in many bright colours.