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LOOPY Garden Seating Elements Characteristics

The LOOPY Collection is a further development of the LOOP garden sofa. In recent years, the need for weatherproof fabric garden furniture has increased significantly. The LOOPY seating element complements the LOOP programme to the degree that the smaller measurements are also suitable for balconies as well as smaller terraces. The natural-looking water repellent materials give the LOOPY seating element a high quality appearance. The soft fabrics makes the terrace furniture feel like a sofa for the interior.

Designer: Florian Asche, 2010


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Factory Lead Time Frankfurt 2 weeks.

Design of LOOPY garden seating elements

When we wanted to develop a little brother for the LOOP garden lounge, it was not enough to simply adjust the dimensions. If we had simply shortened the seat of the outdoor armchair, then a form similar to much rattan furniture would have ensued. Therefore we decided to design a slightly slanted backrest. This one simple detail is exactly what makes the LOOPY garden seating element convincing. The back height also needed to be adjusted. A right-angled shape such as the LOOP garden set would not have been comfortable here. Therefore we adjusted the back to be 10 centimetres higher. The sitting posture is comparable to a television armchair. One sits upright but comfortably.

Durability of LOOPY products

What is decisive in the choice of the right materials for a garden sofa is the longevity of the materials. Many outdoor sofas are manufactured from polyester. This has the disadvantage that the fibres quickly become brittle. Polyester fibres bleach quite quickly as well. The best alternative to it is weatherproof acrylic fibres. Acrylic fabrics have high longevity since the fibres are weatherproof and do not rot. For the LOOPY Garden Collection only a really weatherproof material came into question. Acrylic fabrics also have a much more natural feel. Hence the use of acrylic fabrics for garden furniture unites the two aspects that are necessary for an outdoor lounge.

Colours for LOOPY garden seating elements

The colours for our LOOPY garden seating element were chosen in accordance with outdoor areas conditions. One aspect here is the dirt factor. The air always contains natural as well as artificial particles and spores. Hence for the large surfaces of the lounge sofas, we have chosen more muted tones of beige and grey. The Sunbrella brand offers a wide range of colours. Our BOB cushions create fresh dashes of colour for the outdoor seating elements. This mix gives april furniture pieces a spring-like character.

Areas of Use for LOOPY Garden Seating Elements

Since lounge furniture has found its place in gardens and on terraces, modern architecture has adapted to this trend. In metropolises and other places, space for outdoor products is planned into the design of exterior facilities. For example, in today’s new buildings there are generous terraces even on higher stories. A modern city apartment is usually laid out in such a way that the living-room and exterior area flow into each other optically. Balconies that used to only have space for a garden table and two garden chairs are now also planned more spaciously. Due to its modular character, the LOOPY Collection adapts to these circumstances. The usage properties of the furniture are very flexible. A LOOPY Sofa equally serves as an armchair if it is pulled apart.

LOOPY Designer Furniture

The outdoor living trend has completely transformed today’s world of materials. The design of outdoor furniture used to be subject to few materials. Garden furniture was thus always recognizable and often very similar. The further development of outdoor materials enabled designers to change products more and more. Today terrace furniture can hardly be distinguished from indoor furniture.  In terms of tactile and optical characteristics, weatherproof fabrics can hardly be differentiated from cotton fabrics.  Foam materials are suitable for outdoor use and surfaces are much more durable. LOOPY designer furniture unites these aspects and is utilised in versatile ways. LOOPY outdoor products lend a modern character to private terraces or commercial exterior spaces

The LOOPY garden seating element is a piece of weatherproof design furniture, which is reminiscent of indoor furniture in shape and colour. Its small size makes it suitable for terraces and balconies.


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Canvas, Grey Chine, Heather Beige, Dark Taupe


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