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The LOOPY corner element combines LOOPY lounge seating elements

There are many possibilities to design a garden sofa landscape with the LOOPY corner element. In combination with the LOOPY lounge seating element and the LOOPY garden stool, there are several ways to place the lounge group. Depending on how you combine the elements, you get a completely new appearance. The flexibility of the modules allows you to re-invent the look of your sofa group over and over again.

Designer: Florian Asche, 2010


1.290,00  incl. VAT, free shipping to Germany
Factory Lead Time Frankfurt 2 weeks.

Sitting comfortably on the LOOPY corner element

In contrast to its big brother, LOOP the LOOPY corner element has a slanted back. Seating comfort is hence increased and one sits comfortably and upright on the modern garden sofa. Nevertheless, the upholstered element is rectilinear and timeless. Contrary to a usually two-coloured rattan sofa, the monochromatic weatherproof lounge group has a sober but exciting appearance. The LOOPY corner has a clean elegant effect. It is compatible with every modern outdoor ambience. Place the design lounge group on your rooftop terrace, your feel-good balcony or simply in your garden. Enjoy wonderful summer moments on your garden sofa.

Features of the LOOPY corner element

Like most of april furniture GmbH’s weatherproof garden furniture, LOOPY modules are fitted with robust stainless steel V2A frames. We also offer a wide range of high-quality and weatherproof cushions in many colour combinations. You can leave the LOOPY corner element in the open air in any season. During the winter months, simply cover the corner element with one of our appropriate garden furniture slip covers, and you will enjoy your furniture for a long time. You can acquire the matching slip cover for every furniture element in the april furniture online shop.

Possible fabrics and measurements of the LOOPY corner element

The LOOPY corner element is available in quiet colour tones, in earthy colours. For our corner lounge you can choose from our popular colours: lighter tones such as heather beige, pewter and canvas, grey chine. In the darker colour spectrum you will find: charcoal chine, and dark taupe. You can lend an individual note to your sofa with our BOB cushions. Choose from a variety of fabrics.
The corner element was specially developed for areas with less floor space. The rather smaller format LOOPY corner element looks perfect on a compact terrace or balcony without appearing massive. The quadratic outer dimensions come to 98 centimetres. With 61 centimetres the seating area is very comfortable. With quadratic dimensions of 1.10 metres even several people fit onto a stool. The LOOPY lounge corner has an optimum seating height of 42 centimetres.

The LOOPY corner element comfortably connects the LOOPY lounge seating elements. The garden furniture is manufactured in Germany. The designer is Florian Asche of april furniture.


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Canvas, Grey Chine, Heather Beige, Dark Taupe


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