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LOOP lounge corner element as outdoor furniture

The modern LOOP lounge corner element is ideally suited to relaxing in outdoor spaces. In combination with the outdoor seating element and stool many combinations of an exterior sofa can be created. The light weight of approx. 20 kilogrammes makes it possible to combine the modular seating, stool and corner elements anew at any time. The furniture can also always be moved in accordance with the movement of the sun. The use of lounge products is thus diverse. Mainly the LOOP Collection was conceived as an outdoor sofa. The seat depth of 78 centimetres also makes it ideal as an outdoor lounger. Two LOOP corner or seating elements in combination offer enough space for a cosy snooze. The waterproof fabrics are also good for this purpose. Their cotton-like character is skin-friendly and still appropriately durable. Last but not least, Loop products can be utilised as solitaires, by simply pulling the LOOP outdoor sofa apart.

Designer: Florian Asche, 2010


1.320,00  incl. VAT, free shipping to Germany
Factory Lead Time Frankfurt 2 weeks.

Weatherproof and durable LOOP lounge corner elements

The acrylic fibres of LOOP lounge corner elements’ upholstery fabric are easy to clean and weatherproof. Even tougher soiling such as bird droppings can be removed by simple means. The outdoor fabrics are spun-dyed and hence absolutely sunfast. This is why it is also possible to clean them with chlorinated products. Only acrylic fibres are weatherproof and UV stable. By contrast cheaper polyester fibres fade correspondingly and become brittle. In comparison acrylic fibres are dyed in a fluid state, and the fibres are only pulled afterwards. The fabric is hence dyed through and through. Therefore the fabric cannot bleach. The waterproof coating of Sunbrella fabrics is made possible by a polyurethane foil on the inner side. Therefore there is no possibility for water to even penetrate the upholstery. Nevertheless, in the cold season one should protect lounge furniture. Waterproof slip covers prevent them getting soiled in winter. The slip covers have sporadic holes with a covering above them. Thus water remains outside but air still gets in. Before being put away for the winter period it is advisable to clean any soiling and waterproof the garden lounge. Cleaning agents from the manufacturer are available at april furniture.

LOOP lounge corner elements as terrace furniture

In the last few years furniture for outdoor areas has become ever more comfortable. Many people use their terraces or balconies as extensions of their living-rooms. In the LOOP Collection this trend has been implemented accordingly. In terms of tactile and optical properties Sunbrella company’s weatherproof fabrics cannot be distinguished from fabrics for interior areas. Using special coatings make them weatherproof and waterproof through and through. This makes it especially possible to design upholstered furniture for exterior as well as interior spaces. Also today high quality upholstery and foam materials can be used. Nowadays large terraces are an essential architectural characteristic. In large cities more and more space is created for life in exterior areas. When planning buildings extensive terraces and balconies are laid out from the start. Accordingly, products such as lounge furniture are also more versatile. The colour palette of outdoor fabrics is also ever more varied. New patterns and colours of weatherproof materials allow creators to utilize a design language similar to interior spaces.

Rattan furniture as a precursor to LOOP Lounge Corner Elements

Polyrattan garden furniture is the precursor to today’s designer furniture for terraces and balconies. The first lounge garden furniture was created as rattan garden furniture made of woven artificial fibres. The Dedon Company developed the first lounge furniture and created this trend. Designers like Philipp Stark developed a new formal language for the outdoor area for Dedon. After many manufacturers followed this trend for garden furniture, the market was literally swamped. The need for new concepts for weatherproof materials in the outdoor furniture lounge segment developed. There is a myriad of stainless steel lounge furniture with padding and cushions. However often cushions that are not weatherproof have to be put away in the event of bad weather. LOOP Lounge Corner Elements can be left outside in any weather and need not be put away in a troublesome manner.

The LOOP lounge corner element is modern outdoor furniture for relaxation. Its weatherproof and durable characteristics make carefree use in the garden and on the terrace and balcony possible.

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Canvas, Grey Chine, Heather Beige, Dark Taupe


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