Delivery Costs

Delivery within Germany and Austria is free of charge. Shipping fees shall be charged in addition to product prices for deliveries to locations outside of Germany and Austria. You can find more details on delivery costs in this delivery cost table. You will be shown the delivery costs for your order before you place your order.

Delivery Cost Table

Item Germany and Austria


Slip covers Free delivery €60 per item
Cushions Free delivery €60 per item
Upholstered elements
Free delivery €60 per item
Sunshade Free delivery €60 per item

Deliveries to countries outside the EU may involve charges for customs duties and import turnover tax. In the case of deliveries to Switzerland, for example, value-added tax is not charged in our retail price, but Swiss value-added tax will be charged in Switzerland when the goods are imported. The important turnover tax is not included in our retail prices because it is not charged by us.

Customs duties in each country of delivery must be paid by the recipient him/herself in the country in question and vary according to the value of the goods delivered.

Customers with delivery addresses outside the EU should contact their responsible customs authority to enquire about these charges in advance.