The Founders.

Asche & Unkelbach was founded in 2007 by Florian Asche and Klaus Unkelbach. A furniture range was created in 2009 with the april allterior, which includes the indoor and outdoor area. Both founders draw on the experience of their long term collaboration and their joint know-how when collaborating for april allterior furniture: product designer Florian Asche was co-founder and, up until 2006, co-owner of the design furniture company e15 GmbH, together with business manager Klaus Unkelbach, who, until 2006 was also co-owner of e15. Together, they continue on the creative path with a new concept. They have developed a new furniture range with april allterior based on their proven strategy of combining high value material and minimalist design, which makes the boundaries between inside and outside permeable and creates a new living space.